Our Company

Our Company

Our Company

RIDCO Casting Company is one of the world leaders in high precision, high quality, zinc die castings. We were founded in the1950’s and continue to thrive thanks to our dedication to quality, efficiency and our customers. Our efficient and highly trained personnel work in close teams and cells in a highly organized facility to produce the highest quality castings at the lowest possible cost.

Our Products

We supply manufacturing companies throughout the world with high quality zinc die castings. Our die casting products and services are used by leading companies in the automotive, transportation, construction, marine, tool, and safety industries.

RIDCO castings are in high quality automobiles, tractors, agricultural equipment, yachts, precision tools, high tech electronics, and safety and control equipment.

Our Quality

We will do whatever necessary to satisfy our customers and maintain our leadership in the die casting industry. Our personnel are committed to a rigorous, documented quality system, with continual improvement for customer satisfaction. ¬†All RIDCO personnel are highly trained on an on going basis and dedicated to satisfying our customer’s needs.

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