Ridco produces high quality zinc die casting components at the best prices. Our emphasis on lean manufacturing and low overhead means lower component cost and higher margins for your company.

Ridco Die Casting Process Cycle:
The injection system is immersed in the molten metal at 800°. The furnace, which contains the molten metal, is attached to the machine via a feeding system called a gooseneck.

  1. As the cycle starts and the die is closed, the piston retracts, allowing the molten metal to fill the injection cylinder.

  2. The plunger then travels downward, sealing the port, pushing the molten metal through the gooseneck and nozzle into the die.

  3. Once the metal solidifies, the die opens, and the gate is ejected.

  4. The cores, if any, retract. The plunger then returns to its original position.