frequently asked questions



How Big is your facility?

Our facility is 75,000 sq ft.

What tonnage are your die casting machines?

Our hot chamber die casting machines range anywhere from 250-600 tons.

How many die casting machines do you have?

We currently run 17 die casting machines with unit dies, meaning 34 available openings so capacity is not a problem.

How do i get a faster turn around on my quote?

Provide the following information: Component application or function, Alloy/Material, Annual production quantity, Approximate size of component, Approximate life of program, 3D and 2D files.

can ridco accept and use tooling from other die casters if they have not been specifically DESIGNED for your machines?

Yes, Ridco can utilize tooling from other companies; however, we have to evaluate the condition of the tooling before putting into full production.

when is the best time to contact ridco for a quote?

We accept quotes as early or as late into projects as our customers want. However, we do have an experienced design team that can help with the early stages of a project.

Do you really guarantee your tooling for life?

Yes, with our rigorous preventative maintenance program, we have never replaced a tool and do not plan on it!

why should i choose zinc over aluminum?

Zinc is melted at 800° where as aluminum is melted at 1200°, wearing away at the tooling (having to be replaced every 100K-150K shots). Using zinc alloys are also the better choice due to its higher strength, more fluid-complex shapes, lower tool cost, lower energy cost, faster cycle times, and lower plating costs.

Do you offer prototyping services?

We do not prototype in house but we can help you with your prototyping needs.